The Lift

A love letter from Jesus. 


“I will not fail to remember what I promised you, nor will I neglect to do exactly what I have said. I am faithfully constant, unchanging in My promise to love and support you. You are unforgettable and I will not forget you. You won’t be left without all that you are needing. 




Transfer the weight that you carry into My arms, unloading every burden and worry. I will use the transfer of tension to hold you up and carry you by the rainbow colors of My Love. I am the force above and beneath that is holding you up. What you have been fearing is an illusion that may look real but it has no real substance. Push the thoughts of fear aside and you will see there was nothing to be afraid of.





I will lead you along the path of life blessings. When I ask you to do something, do it without hesitation or doubt. Trust Me as you release the inner tension of striving and unrest. Be free from anxiety and disturbance as you rest in full dependence. I know you haven’t made your mind up yet and to doubt is to be undecided. But you cannot lift up to fly above the difficulties with a mind that is torn between two things, with distrust and lack of confidence.





It’s not the wings that make you fly, it comes from your faith-filled thoughts.





With a confident state of mind, focus on positive thinking. Use your thoughts of good outcomes to press yourself off of the ground of this situation. Fly above every problem, empowered by the Promises that I have given. I will lift you higher up and hold you above, as the air that flows from the treetops. Once a bird is high enough in the sky, it can glide with rest.





Remember who I am for you!





Don’t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask Me for what you need with a thankful heart. Remain confident as you lay up all your worries and stress upon Me, don’t let your heart be weighed down. I understand that at times you want the answers to your prayers to come fast. Sometimes it just takes a little more time to see the greatest manifestation of blessing. I will always tenderly care for you and My peace will keep your heart and mind safe in union with Mine.






As you set your thoughts up high, you will enjoy the confident realization that you will receive what you have been hoping for. Tell yourself that I will never fail you and believe that your prayers will come true. Make up your mind and receive it. Ownership begins in the head. The answer to your prayers are already here, you just have to believe and not doubt to receive it”. 





Written by: Dannette Lynn

Diamonds from the Dust, LLC. © 2018. All rights reserved.