Little Bird

A love letter from the Father. 


“Little bird, unable to escape the harsh cold of winter. In exceptional circumstances when resources are abundant or hidden in the shadows when provision appears scarce. As you weather the difficult circumstances, tuck in your head and save your energy from worry and dread. Happiness and fear are both a state of mind. Make the most of this moment and hope for the best. Trust Me to faithfully answer your prayers.




 I will do it.




Though you have had to survive the frosty night and the ceaseless winds from the winter sky, I will turn your deepest pains into a joyful song. I have appointed you for a special purpose. You are loved so much more than you know. What you have endured has made you stronger than before. I have given you a promise of a good outcome, have confidence that I will fulfill it. 





Trust in Me, as the Branch that holds you.





Little bird, you never have to worry. I know just what you need. There is good news for the poor! Don’t ponder over the fearful thought of bad things that could happen. Let your thoughts be expectant for good. Faith is what makes the things that you hope for real. It is proof of what you cannot see. Look forward with confident expectation to what you hope for. Believe that you have already received what you prayed for, and it will be yours”.





Written by,  

Dannette Lynn

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