Hope Healing




A love letter from the Father. 



“The heart hurts quietly when everything seems hopeless. Felt but not seen, as an internal wound that bleeds. The heart feels the most pain, sometimes a deep hurt happens without a sound. The pain of unbelief is an excruciating thing. The fear that your problems will never end or the sorrow of disappointment can cause every ounce of hope to wither up within. When hope’s dream seems to drag on and on, the delay can be depressing. It is sad not to get what you hoped for and it can leave your heart bruised and your soul numb from the circumstances that spin on the outside.





Do not grieve, My joy is your strength. I vow to do what I have promised. When you realize that the dream-promise is evident and sure, your soul will be lifted and satisfied with sheer satisfaction and delight. Have confidence in the faithful reliability of My Word. This is My gift to you, believe and accept it as true. I am a place of rest for you—a place where you will find peace and contentment. Enter the happiness of being content with joy, knowing that every promise is soon to be fulfilled.




Don’t take your eyes off the truth of My promises for you, see beyond your present situation. My promise to you is My oath. It is impossible for Me to lie. You have nothing to fear, My child. I will do everything you ask. My lovingkindness and graciousness, extend to the skies and My faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds. I am the source of your hope that flows life abundantly. Leave behind the boundaries of what you experienced before. Rest under My Wings of refuge, My promises to you are sure.




You may rest easy.




You are banded to your promises, connected vitally as one. Let My words of hope be the anchor to steady your restless soul. Believe and be patient and you will see the manifestation of what I have promised. Blessings flow when you trust Me as your hope and confidence. I will never give up showing you My covenant love. As the source of hope, I will fill you completely with joy and peace as you trust in Me to do what I have said. You will overflow with confident hope through the power of My Spirit.





Look at the myriad of stars and constellations above you. Who set them to burning, each in its place? Who knows those countless lights each by name? They obediently shine, because of My great power and strength. Why, do you then, inheritor of promise, say ‘my God doesn’t care about my troubles?’.  





The promise is attached to you.




Fix your heart on My promises to you and take comfort in the security of My hand. Keep trusting in Me and your heart will come alive again with energizing love. Joy will flood your soul when you truly realize that every promise is surely yours. Lean into your promises and call them out as though they are. The more you think and speak My words, the more you will believe and trust. Focus on My words of light. Declare over every problem the breakthrough of what I have said. Use the pain of this moment to draw out the sweetness of the blessing and hope will heal your heart”. 





Written by,

Dannette Lynn