A love letter from the Father. 


You are not going backward, nor are you returning to the difficult times of before. Things are getting better, not worse. I am extending a special blessing of recovery to make up for the afflictions and trials. This is an increase of experiencing My promises, believe, and receive as each one unfolds, like watching the many petals of a marigold bloom.




I will continue to love and care for you, just as I always said, in the flourishing meadow of My unconditional love. Love is forever, always there for you, to provide and protect. Trust in My love even in the times when you cannot see or feel it. Receive your Royal inheritance of blessings, in which there are no conditions, you are no longer subject to a curse. I am your wealthy friend and protector. 





You will receive back more than what has been lost to become greater than before. Your conditions will be improved beyond measure, as you are relieved of the things that have hindered you. I will make your name great from the wonderful expression of your testimony, out of My love for you.




Here is an upgrade for you, as I move you towards the fullness that you have been asking for. I am raising the quality of your days, you will see an increase and a generous improvement. The pain that you suffered made you stronger, bringing your truest beauty to the light. Follow my instructions in this letter, beloved. In tranquility, remain calm and quiet within. Thoughts of worry are only an illusion to distract you from resting in the real. Settle into the peace and joy of believing My vows to love and take care of you.




I am sending provisions to you. Twice even! There will double than before. Every problem is being turned around to become a better blessing than before. Keep to the script: of what I have said, and don’t be distracted by the thoughts of bad. My peace will walk with you to guard every step. Eagerly anticipate your hopes and the recovery from the past damage.




Don’t be anxious about anything but pray about everything. I long to hear your requests. Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts. Rest assured and be confident. Have faith in Me, as I am able to do far abundantly more than all you can ask, think or dream. My words to you will not return to me empty, but they will accomplish every purpose and shall succeed in the things for with I sent them.




So fasten your thoughts fully onto My heart and rest completely in My promises. There is power in your loveliest thoughts and the expectation for good things. Fasten yourself like flint and adhere your mind to the words that I speak, never to follow after a doubt or give into the doom or fear. Every house is built by someone, but I am the Designer and Builder of all things. Look forward with hope, at the newness opening up to you!




You have nothing to fear and nothing will come to hurt you. You are safe from the cruelty of the past afflictions. I am restoring you as if the pain never happened. An abundance is flowing to you from the palm of My Hand. You are being re-built on My goodness and seeing My faithfulness to supply. It’s time to grow and restore, yes, I am rebuilding you! This is your upgrade and enlargement.





Beloved, be happy! My faithful love will never leave you and My protective peace to you will never end. The brand-new is unveiling now. Look here, what has been done is done and gone. Set your hope in the bedazzlement of the emerging beauty that you have not seen yet.




Open your imagination to believe for the best, open your heart wide, and don’t think small. Think big and remain strong. You are receiving more blessings from Me to expand in all directions. You are getting a double payback for all that was destroyed. You will not remember the distress that you felt before. Don’t worry, you will not be disappointed.




Written by:

Dannette Lynn



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