A love letter from Jesus.



Letting go of pain can be hard. Yet there is no sorrow on earth that I cannot heal. Miracles sometimes happen in the midst of disaster, in every moment, I am right here. Your heart is safe with Me as the Lord who heals you. Release your grip from what hurt you. Forgive and move on. I will heal you from the pain of a broken heart. Wounds heal from the inside first. Like a fireplace hearth, I am your heart protection, a place where the flame of My love continuously burns.




I will never fail you.




Let your Heart be stilled and be anxious for nothing. I am a safe place of retreat, ready to help when you need Me. Give all of your worries and cares to Me because I care for you. Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, You are free to stand fearless at the cliff-edge of doom and courageous in a sea storm. I am a fortified Castle for you to hide, from the thoughts fear and dread. I am right here. No matter what, My love will find you. I will stand by you and I won’t let you down.





I will never leave you.




I am your Keeper and Shade from the heat. Before the rush and roar of oceans or the tremors that shift the mountains. I will fight for you, as a Hero who comes quickly to your defense. Even in the darkness, My sunrise-brilliance will come bursting through. I will cause the criminal to be as dust trampled under your foot. Do not live in fear or dread of what may come. Let your heart be firmly secured through faith and trust.





Just relax….this too is in My Hands.




I have made your life complete and created more beauty than before. I wrote you a new song to take the place of injustice and wrongs, to which nothing can compare. Unbridled happiness will bloom from your tears. The pain of yesterday will become tomorrow’s delight. That which has afflicted you will afflict you no longer, neither branch nor root will remain. Neither will you feel the pain of being unwanted or dejected. Sadness and despair will evaporate away, as I wash you in My Love, a most vehement flame. 




It will happen!




The Burning sands and hardened wastelands of unanswered prayers will become pools, shimmering with refreshing abundant springs. With definite requests and thanksgiving, let Me hear your prayers. Continue to pour out the desires of your heart. Rest in My approval, keeping your soul in a tranquil state. Fear nothing, but allow My peace to be your heart’s keepsake.





You can count on Me.




I will continue to flow My healing love and provision to you, to the place of overflow, until every trace of fear is removed and every blessing is restored. The newness of healing is radiating from My wings. The presence of My love is rising up, with bountiful bouquets of joy and gladness. This is the end of traveling below, My love never runs out and never goes low. From now on you will encounter the blessings of an overflow. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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