Things are Different This Time

A love letter from Jesus.



Things are completely new this time. The shame of disappointment and the sorrow of the past suffering is over. Press forward and don’t look back. Keep moving ahead as you release the pain of the past. I will remind you of My good plans, over and over.



I am calling you to draw your heart close again, as a Spouse who comforts His bride. Former disappointments have passed away. I have gone into your future to guarantee the outcome of your prayers. My kindness is wrapped around you to spare you from the repeated disappointments that happened before. I have imparted My blessings to you, it will be clear for everyone to see how much I love you!



Now take your hopes, be full of joy, and depart from yesterday. I will take the rubble of the past away and set you right again. New blooms will flourish from past disappointments and pain. Because the One who made you is your Husband; the One called Commander of heavenly armies.



This time, you will be founded and grounded to see the materialization of your prayers. No more will you be troubled or abused by the dread of disappointment. You will know no fear and have no worries as you see My works in action. Sit here with Me as we watch the winds of resistance blow on by…nothing can withstand My promise of blessing.



Rest in your hopes…I will leave you breathless when you see your hope manifested, putting everything right again. I am your liberation- the hope of all creation, from the far corners of the earth to distant life-giving oceans. Strong and subtle hints of My indelible presence are filling this place. Even the dawn and dusk respond with gladness when they see what I do!



Enlarge your heart to believe again. My love will not depart from you, nor will My covenant of peace be shaken. You are going to need a bigger space than you can anticipate for receiving My Goodness. Don’t underestimate the amount of My Abundance. You will increase out of the former devastation as your hopes solidify into tangible gifts. Long-abandoned dreams will materialize like stardust shining down to displace the dark skies of dread.



So arise My dearest beauty and come away from the pain of the past. Don’t hide from Me in the clefts of a hardened heart. Let Me hear your lovely voice, as you trust Me again. I have crowned your life with extravagant blessings. In the places where you were worn down, there will be overflowing carts of celebration. Don’t be afraid, there is no more shame for you. Do not fear humiliation, things are different this time. 





Written by Dannette Lynn