Keeper of the Seas

A love letter from Jesus.



You have suffered long enough, being afflicted and storm-battered with the harsh pounding waves of upsetting anxieties. Don’t allow the relentless waves of fear to sweep in and drown your mind with worry. Despite the troubling thoughts that you face, I am right here in your midst. Move beyond the negative thoughts and lean heavily into My Heart. Press all of your weight into Me, unloading every bothersome burden.

Keep your eyes on Me as your Captain of the sea. Do not be afraid, but hold your head high and take courage. I will honor you with My loyal love. My Arms gather the waters of the sea as in a bottle and put the deeps in places of storage. When you feel swept away by the opposing currents of fear that come and your heart drifts away from a place of peace, I will redirect you back to a worry-free oasis as I speak to your heart My plans of loving-kindness.

Relax every tension into Me, place every worry into My care, and lean into My Sheltering Arms. Never be afraid or discouraged of bad things to come, because I am your God, the Eternal One, and I will remain with you always. My breath formed the heavens and all their host. Ease your heart into My Hands with these words of hope. There is no need to panic, I have every problem already figured out. You are going to see My goodness and My wonders of the deep. I will cause your soul to delight in the sheer manifestation of your hopeful expectation.

I will show kindness to your heart, with extra comfort and love to make every anxiety calm. Let your trust be anchored in Me without a doubt. When you pray, believe that I will answer your request. Don’t be afraid–you are not going to be disappointed. Don’t hold back—you are not going to come up short. For the one who wavers and hesitates is like the billowing surge out at sea that is blown hither and thither and tossed by the wind.

As the Keeper of the seas, I am always here when you need Me. I am standing right here with you, there is no reason to be afraid ever again. You will continue to experience the manifold blessings of God. Rest in My love for you, as I joyfully sing over you! Know this: I will also fill every need you have according to My glorious riches.

Dwell in Me and I will dwell in you. Cling and remain in every word I have spoken. Lay down into My promises to you and the comfort of My love will protect you from worry and doubt. Soon a hush will come over the waves of the sea, and you will be delighted with excitement to see the answer to your prayers. Settle down completely into a soul rest. My joy and delight will flow through you, and your joy and gladness will be full and completely overflowing. 




Written by Dannette Lynn


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