Falling Leaves

A love letter from Jesus. 



When a tree is faced with cooler weather, its leaves turn brilliant colors as a sign to let go. The hidden beauty of crimson and scarlet manifest to announce that a new season has settled in. The glorious shades of the colorful leaves are released to survive the harsh weather ahead. Shedding leaves is an act of rest, to conserve water and energy. In the winds of change, find your rest in Me…



When you face stormy seas I will be there with you with endurance and calm. I will help you out. So don’t be afraid. I will do the impossible and reunite you with those that you love. I have made a path through the sea and a smooth road to travel above the tumultuous water. There will be instant blooms to flourish in the desert and spring waters will flow where there had been none.



I am here. Quiet your soul, be still, and know that I am in control. Trust and rely and on Me. Let Me be your hope and confidence. Blessings will cover every area of your life, like the dew that covers the earth in the early morning. Like a tree planted by soothing water, that sends its shoots out into the stream. In the presence of heat, there will be no fear or worry. You will remain happy and at peace, no matter what you are facing, because I am your Soul Refuge.



Like a tree that senses the changes in the air, letting go is for your protection. Sometimes the moments of transition need double comfort from My Hand. Let go and surrender every heavy care of your heart into My care. I will take care of everything that is precious to you. Unload every problem and let Me hold the full weight of it. Pile your troubles on My shoulders– and I will carry your load.



Every day I will remind you that I love you. My miracle-wonder love will far exceed anything you have ever known. I chose you for a special purpose, My love, that you would come to know Me, trust Me and adhere to My faithfulness. I will always take special care of you, everything that you hope for comes from Me.



Come close. Remember who created you, O My dove? Who shaped you, from before you knew how to laugh? See, you have nothing to fear. I, who made you, will always watch over you as My own. Don’t be worn out with worries, I am listening to you. I will never leave you alone.



Do not cling to events of the past or dwell on what happened before. Watch for the new thing I am going to do. It is happening already—you can already see it now! You will see how the winds of change lift up to paint an everlasting picture of beauty. The new breeze will bring a perfect calm with a hush, as the old leaves fall off, being held by a wind song of freedom and rest. 




Written by Dannette Lynn