A Hidden Gem

A love letter from Jesus. 



“I have a hidden gem for you, prepare to be amazed. The answer to your prayers is on the way! Remain in hope and don’t allow doubt to cause your heart to drift you away. I will empower you to rise up to take the product of your faith. My Heart towards you is goodness and kindness with immeasurable riches and unmerited grace. Gladly receive and welcome My promises by faith through simple trust and confidence in My Promises.




Believe in your prayers.




Wait expectantly and confidently, looking forward to My gracious generosity and blessing. Long to see My word manifest each day. Joy will break forth within you as you stay attentive to the words that I say. My Fountain of Life pours into you every time that you draw near trusting Me as your Everything, you have discovered the secret to the Favor of the Lord. The revelation-light of My word is shining out within you. I am filling every need that you have from My goodwill and glorious riches.  




I will take care of you!





So I ask you not to lose heart or be faint or become despondent through fear. Because no one who trusts and relies on Me will be put to shame or disappointed. Look at the bluebird, so free and careless in My care. And you are even more precious to Me! Even your hopes and dreams will be provided for. I did not lead you this far to leave you wanting. Remind yourself that I am reliable and trustworthy and true to My word. Therefore I tell you, stop being perpetually uneasy, anxious, and worried. I am able to do what I promised.





Trust Me, I already know what you need.





I am the Author and Finisher of your faith. I have given you the faith to believe and I will also bring it into fulfillment. Stand confident in your prayers and believe that you are My favored bride. Flood your mind with beauty and truth by speaking as though you already have obtainment.





I have given you freedom from fears!





Be still, dear heart, as you settle down into stillness and dwell in My words. Do not worry, your desire will be granted. Stay in My love and resist the winds of fear. Be rooted deep in the love of My promises, stable and secure. My infinite-endless Love will surpass anything that you have experienced. I can hardly contain My joy! I will do so many awe-inspiring things, immeasurable things, far greater than all you could ask or imagine. Trust Me, beloved, as this hidden gem manifests into fulfillment”.





Written by Dannette Lynn

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