A love letter from Jesus. 



“Confidence is fidere’, meaning ‘to trust’. Trust Me and believe that you will receive what you ask for in prayer. Let your joy be full! Everything on God’s earth is yours, surely or only goodness, mercy, and unfailing love shall follow you all your days. Fill yourself with positive thoughts and a confident state of mind. If you say to this mountain ‘be tossed into the sea’… it will be done. Whatever you pray for or ask from God, believe that you’ll receive it and you will.



Trust in My timing, sometimes an answer to prayer is resolved the next day. Trust Me to look after you and trust Me with your life. Be patient in waiting as you lean into My embrace. Trust My intentions for you, I only want the best! Like a bird protecting its young, I have covered you with My feathers and protected you with My wings. My faithfulness is a shield all-around you and a wall of protection.



Don’t be pulled in different directions with thoughts of worry and do not follow the thoughts of bad things that could take place. To fear is to doubt My love in action. Let the thoughts that are lovely and pleasant flood your mind. Think loving thoughts of a good report. Love is without fear and always expects the best. Love never goes low and never runs out. Love abundantly provides. Love is large and incredibly patient. Love is gentle and consistently kind. Love is a safe place of Shelter, for it never stops believing the best.



 My plans are not evil to hurt you, but My plans are for your good to give you hope. Be confident when you pray and be certain in the desired outcome. If you don’t doubt, but trust that what you say will take place, then it will happen. With a simple acceptance of My promise, you will be satisfied with all that I will do. You will enjoy the fullness of your inheritance that overflows with a Love that never fails or goes low. Trust in the fullness of My love to support you and have confidence in your prayers”.




Written by Dannette Lynn

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