A love letter from the Father.



“Be light-hearted and free as you shine like a star! There is no need to be intimidated or scared over what will come. I have written this chapter with special care. Smile, My precious one because your light has broken through. The dazzle of My Eternal brilliance is radiating upon you. I have given you extreme favor with man and with God. I am watching over you and nothing can go wrong. This is the time where I am righting the wrongs and displaced honor will return to dazzle your head like a crown.


Don’t worry so much about things, but pour your trust into Me. Let your beauty shine and trust in My Kindness with all of your heart. In every moment and in every situation,  I will rescue you from anything that makes you afraid. No matter what you go through, I will show up to make everything okay. I will break through to bring you relief from afflictions and the fears that cause you pain. I will protect and reward your life choice to trust in Me. I have recognized the sadness of your affliction and I have felt deep compassion when I saw your soul in pain. Far from what you have suffered, I am setting you up now secure in a good and high place.


I am your Shelter and the Sanctuary for your soul. It is My protective love that is shielding you from shame. Your frame was not hidden from My sight, when you were made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, I saw your days ahead, as if there was none of them. Rest in the pure freedom of knowing that I have every detail of your life protected in My Arms. I am taking good care of you and your family, so don’t be afraid.  


Lean into My Everlasting Arms, in My faithfulness I have drawn you close. You were chosen from the poor to produce, barren place because My Richness overflows wherever I Am. I hear the longings of the poor and lowly. I strengthen and vindicate the orphan and the oppressed. I am always present to help the helpless who commit themselves to Me. I will build you up with happiness again and you will be rebuilt with more than you can dream. You will again clap your hands and join in with those who are dancing for joy.


Be strong, and live courageously as you set your hope on Me. I will bless you just as I have promised and none of My words will escape fulfillment. Don’t allow worry to weigh your heart down, for I will rescue you so that you are not taken prisoner by what makes you afraid. Run away from the failed memories of the past and don’t look back. This is a new day! From dust to diamonds you will be seen in an entirely new way, as the twinkle of My eye. Now you will be known and recognized by a new and favorable name. It is a new time unlike ever before. I have set you up high as the treasure of My heart. Be fearless beloved, this is your time to shine!~



Written by Dannette Lynn

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