In Good Hands

A love letter from Jesus 



You are like a lotus flower that recovers perfectly from a traumatic experience with unwavering faith. Her beauty is unaffected while her roots grow deep in the thick mud and murky places. She submerges in the night into the dark water and produces a radiant bloom as the sun touches her face every morning. Don’t lose hope in this difficult place, all pain will end and wonderful things will grow in the place of sorrow and pain.


In the trail of heartbreak, some things were going to happen and mistakes were bound to be made. Feel the weight of My strong hand with the power to hold all things in place. I will fix what was broken, it’s going to be okay. Let your heart rest in Mine, I won’t leave you alone in the battle. Lean into My everlasting Arms and let our hearts beat as one. You are safe in My hands and loved more than you know. I will hold your heart when it feels like it is breaking, as the source of all Hope.


Hope never ends. It is a force magnificently stronger than any present pain. You are being refilled with an abundance of joy and peace as your hope overflows and runs over. Since I care for you, let Me carry all your worries and troubles. Let Me take away the fears that afflict your mind. When someone that you love is hurting, it’s impossible not to care. I am here comforting your sorrows. Let go of your worries and float like a feather gently carried by the Wind.


I am reading the details of your heart with My heart in yours. Don’t be afraid. I am The very present help in times of trouble and I promise to keep you safe. I am with you, closer than you know. I go before you to create a way. I am the Loving arms to catch you when you wander off too far. I am your Border of strength on all sides to keep you from falling from the edge. Don’t worry about losing control because I am holding onto everything that matters to your heart.


Be confident that your hope will happen and be certain of what you cannot yet see. I am your Light amidst the darkness and your loyal Rescue in times of need. With a table of luxury, I will generously provide you with provisions in the presence of enemy attacks. With sure hope, you will see the immediate manifestation of My goodness because I am never failing. Like a lotus flower, you will re-bloom with adorning beauty, regardless of your present pain. My faithful protection and loving provision will pursue you, where ever you go, Always.




Written by Dannette Lynn