TRUST in the Shadows ~ New!

Introducing: TRUST in the Shadows, an audio soaking




Trust in the Shadows is a mix of 13 love letters set to relaxing music. The heart behind this soaking is rich in comfort to cover the soul in peace, as we lean into trusting God in even the darkest valleys or uncomfortable situations. The letters selected in this audio soaking were written upon my heart from the Holy Spirit, during some of the most difficult moments of my journey thus far.


Saturating your soul in this audio soaking will help comfort the pain and affliction of suffering and ensure that you are filled overflowing with hope, peace, and love. My prayer is that as you embark on this soaking, that you will enter into an unshakable place of trust with Jesus as your Shepherd King of Love.


Included in the Trust soaking are:



  • Restoring Honor
  • Be Still and Know that I am Good
  • Rest for the Battle Weary
  • From Dread to Expectation
  • Don’t Worry about Tomorrow
  • Take a Seat
  • Refuge of Hope
  • Everything will be Okay
  • I Am not Far Away
  • A Step of Trust
  • At the Lowest Ocean
  • I Am Your Anchor in the Waves
  • Treasures of Travail




This Trust audio soaking is priced at 10.99 and can be purchased here as an instant download:



Duration is about 53 minutes long.


I am hoping and praying that all of the soakings will one day be converted into CDs for easier access. Please keep this dream in your prayers.


Background music by Dream Cafe. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (reuse allowed). Trust in the Shadows with Dannette Lynn, Diamonds from the Dust, LLC. © 2018. All rights reserved.