A love letter from Jesus. 

“Let My heart be your compass to find your way. Find My Heartbeat and go deeper to the infinite treasures that await. I am not far away, My cherished friend. I am drawing you close and leading you to encounter the Wellspring of true Love. I am guiding you as The Eastern star that glistens in the night. Everyone stumbles sometimes. It’s okay if you fall down. Don’t be so hard on yourself, there is nothing that you can do to inhibit the faithful pursuit of My generous love.

In the search to find real love, at times you have gotten lost along the way. The broken roads that you have traveled have been a trail of pain and sorrow that beam into elegant gardens. The tears that stream down your cheeks bare the beauty of diamonds. This mess will become part of your exquisiteness like the sparks left behind from a comet streaking through the sky. Every person that has left you broken and hurting inside has been used to lead you closer into the saturation of the healing balm of My love. 

Life has often been to you like a meteorite falling into the dirt, barely surviving the breaking that pressed on all sides. Yet every pain that you have felt has drawn you closer to knowing the real affections of My heart. You have never been alone in your travels. I have been leading the way past the point of brokenness and pain. Relax into My Sovereign-omnipresence as I carry you into Promise. Rest completely into My plan as I move you along. I sift and search out your path and your lying down. I am fully acquainted with all of your ways.

I have a plan for you that is good to give you the outcome that you are hoping for, The is the love story that I wrote for you. With gentle words, tender and kind, I assure you that you are My chosen bride. Don’t worry about the sand and stone along the path, for this journey, I planned ahead. Soak off the pain that your soul hides behind, as you sink into the soothing waters of My love. Release your grip on control and trust My intentionalities for you. The Brokenness will fill with love and beauty, as dreams come up as gold.

I will lift your humble state and fill your lowliness with dignity. Those who look to Me are always radiant and never clothed in shame or confusion. I will entreat you with mercy according to My great and steadfast love. I know all about you, inside and out. I understand the birthing place of dust. My love always remains and never fades. As devoted as a wedding Stone. I will never leave you.

Follow My heart like a ship lost at sea that follows the starlight. I am the One you have been looking for. Rest under My smile and take My hand, your iniquities have been forgotten. I do not hold it against you when you fall astray. Let your hope be in My all-powerful rescue. Though for a time you sat in the dusty darkness, now you will rise again. My radiance, as a bright light is filling your life with the powerful rays of My hand. I will bring you back into the light and here you will rise again. When your enemy sees your rescue, shame will cover her.

Don’t be afraid! Listen! I bring good news and My plans are for your good. I am the One who daily covers all shame. A rescuer was born for you. I am holding every star together and I am holding onto your heart. I will answer your prayers for comfort, as My love takes over. Look up to the macro-skies, dark and enormous at My handmade sky-jewelry. The moon and stars I have mounted into their settings. I own the day, I own the night and I put stars and sun in place. Don’t worry about what will happen, I have everything perfectly in order.

I heal the heartbroken and bandage her wounds. I am the Love Champion that saves and puts the fallen on their feet again. My miracle-wonder love far exceeds anything that you have ever known. I will never break My promise to take care of you. I am holding you and I will never let go. I am filling you with the love that you crave so that you hunger and thirst no more. I am the Fountain of life to quench your thirst. My love is your light to awaken your soul, to turn rock into pools of refreshing water and flint into fountains of life-giving streams!

You have everything that you need within if you will believe. Think about the things that you want on the outside and let My abundant waters spring up. A dream is a powerful thing. Follow the rhythm of My heart that beats for you. Trace your mind back over the dream-promise of intentional love that I have written for you. Let go of your efforts to save yourself and wait for Me as your Rescuing Hero of love that manifests for you”.


Written by Dannette Lynn

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