Relief from the Weighted Worries

I never knew what a gift it was to have an established place to live before God called me to follow him on this faith walk of supernatural support I always had a roof over my head and a place of refuge. I had a home, full of the comforts of a safe and reliable shelter. Booking a hotel room for 5 nights, knowing that there was no safety net to catch me, was the most terrifying thing that I have ever done in my life. The Lord promised me that He would send all that we needed through this simple little blog. One night after being attacked for my stand of faith, the Lord showed me a deep vision of My blog and then He spoke to say “this is your income”. He also gave me a personal promise that at the end of this chapter, we would receive our own home as a gift from His heart.



I can still remember the bitter tears that I wept when I finally chose to let go of my false security of comfort and jump into the outward faith adventure. It has been extremely difficult to live not knowing where or how God will send the next provision for our needs. Yet if I had never followed Jesus down this broken road, I would have missed out on so many encounters of His intentional and provisional love. Each day I am seeing a new facet of His face as I learn to lean in a little bit closer.



For the longest time during our hotel stays, the Lord taught me to live one day at a time. Each day He would wake me up and tell me “Don’t worry about tomorrow”. Then He would give me just enough money for ONE night at a hotel and one day’s worth of food. I was very thankful for the one day of being cared for, but my heart ached for the comfort of seeing the rest of the path that would hold me up ahead. I had to learn to walk by faith and not by sight. I have always been the type of person that needed to see everything mapped out and planned for ahead. As you can imagine, this was completely out of my comfort zone. There have even been days that didn’t even make sense of how we made it. Sometimes God would bless us with a free hotel stay, instead of the money to cover our needs.



I have been learning to trust God with all of my heart and not lean into my own understanding, with childlike trust. I also had to be very careful not to cast all of my worries to my children, so I was constantly pouring out prayers of anguish to the Lord. With many tears, I was emptying myself of all worry, before speaking words of faith and expectation to my kids. It hasn’t been easy to rid my soul of deep tensions and worry. There were days that I cried so hard that I wondered if I would die from the affliction.


Yet the weight of worry is optional. All I ever had to do was believe God’s promise to take care of me and my children. He promised that His intentional love would be the support to carry us. He has given me countless confirmations of His loving support. Just this past week, the Lord blessed us with enough money to book ahead for 5 nights. I can’t even explain the tears of happiness that came from knowing that I could rest my mind for 5 whole nights!



I would have never imagined that having one night of shelter would be my greatest relief in life. But through it all, I am learning that God is trustworthy. I actually look forward to my treasured time with Jesus, where I lean all of our needs into Him. I take every weight that I carry in my mind and just lay it all on Him. The trick is learning not to take it back (this is something I am still trying to master). It is like a quote by Lou Holtz, “It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way that you carry it”.



Today I would like to share with you the importance of unloading every heavyweight onto Jesus and trusting Him to carry all of your needs. I have tested His promises and have discovered that He is loyal and trustworthy. Not one word that God has promised me has fallen to the ground. I don’t know where we will get the money to cover our lodging for tomorrow or the next day, but I DO know that the Lord has personally promised me that He would provide for us and that we will not be homeless.



He also shows me the number 27 regularly to remind me of His promise to support me and my family from His love support. The Greek meaning of 27 is beloved which is derived from agápē, “love”. It means to personally experience the Father’s, agape Love. In research, I have even discovered that in ancient Hebrew to love as a verb, means “to provide and protect what is given as a privilege”. No matter what storms that you face or what problems arise, there is absolutely nothing that can ever separate you from His all protective and providing love.



Pour out all of your worries and stress upon Him and leave them there, for He always tenderly cares for you” 1 Peter 5:7 TPT.



For just over two now, our family has been supernaturally supported by love gifts from those the Lord draws close to help us. We are so thankful for all of your loving generosity. I truly believe that the area where we are most pressed will be the area that we will be most blessed. It is my heart to one day extend the same gifts of provisional love back in an abundance as a conduit of giving. From our family to yours, I extend the most sincere “thank you” (with a big hug!).


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With deep love and gratitude,

Dannette Lynn