Here Comes the Rain

A love letter from Jesus. 




“Don’t ever worry, you will always have more than enough. I am your Hope that never fails. Unload all of your cares to Me and unleash My joys. I will send the rain of My provision wherever you go. Entwine your heart to Me as One through a sacrifice of complete trust. I am your devoted friend, a gentle but strong Shepherd to guide you along.




Can you smell the sweet aroma of fresh rain coming?




In the financial trials, I am your Rock, always working perfectly. My ways are faithful without breach or deviation. I will protect you from the danger of an attack, you never have to be afraid. I am your light amidst the darkness and your trustworthy rescue in times of trouble. I am your confident assurance in times of crisis, keep your heart always at rest. I have you surrounded in a fortress of protection. So let nothing that happens cause you alarm. You can forever trust in My love and find My peace in the midst of storm and turmoil. Safely sit with Me as I set you up high above the fray.




Let it rain! Let it rain! Let it rain down afresh!




I’ll answer the sky and prayers for financial rain. I speak to the showers and to the downpour of My mighty rains. I will give you what you are asking for. Not only will I restore you to abundance, but I’ll sow into you as My beloved. Then you will see how I have made all of your efforts fruitful–I will give rain for seeds of faith. Once again you will be nourished and plentiful. I will care for you always, even in the midst of attacks from any enemies. I am filling your cup again and again with Grace unending. Hold onto your hope as you see how it grows rapidly into full-fledged faith, a faith that is unfailing. Your hope in Me will never fail to satisfy your deepest need.




Here comes the financial rain…




My kindness will prevail and the loyalty of My love is enduring. The greatness of My love for you will never run out nor will My inexhaustible compassion. Do not fear the future. Certainly, My faithful protection and loving provision will pursue you everywhere that you go, always. Here comes the rain of provision to fill you with pools of blessings! Here come the springs of gifts from My heart, from deep and eternal mercy! Have the courage to trust that I am all that you need and your hope will not be put to shame”. 




Written by Dannette Lynn