My Worst Fear

From the moment when I became pregnant with my first child, there was a fear that I fought above any other. The fear of losing a child was equivalent to being the most terrible nightmare ever. The fear was so heavy in fact, that I could never handle watching a movie about a child that goes missing or is kidnapped. When my children were little, I suffered so much anxiety when I was in public places with them that I held their little hands with an inescapable grip.



In most of my experiences in knowing and trusting God, He has been gracious to shelter me from experiencing the outcome of fear. As a matter of fact, what I have always experienced in walking with the Lord is that the opposite of what I fear was what I would encounter. It was always such a comfort to know that God cares about every little detail and He loves to give us experiences of faith over fear. It gave me the courage to face fears when I realized that God had good plans for me.



However, on October 6th, the story went a little bit different for me. We were staying at a well-known family hotel on our faith journey. It was such a great hotel for us, but sadly it was in a neighborhood that was known for violence, drugs, and sexual crimes. That morning, we were switching rooms in order to get a new, clean room. The children were very excited about the new room. In that moment of excitement, my youngest was jumping and fell against a wall and accidentally created a giant hole in the wall. My child did not know this, but that specific wall had water damage and it took very little effort for the wall to break apart. In a reaction to sheer panic from fear, my young daughter ran from the hotel room and right out of the building.



That was the moment where my day suddenly changed to become what looked like a nightmare. On that rainy afternoon, the police were speaking with me in the hotel lobby, while tears ran down my cheeks. I was in shock that my precious daughter was missing. I had no idea how to find her. The only thing that I knew to do was to talk to God and pray. I also asked for urgent prayers from the community of Christ followers on my Facebook page. The prayers going up for my 12-year-old daughter were massive. I knew that the Lord was with me because even though I was facing my worst fear, I had an unexplainable peace. My soul was rested in knowing that God is a God who sees. He knows every intricate detail about each one of us and in His eyes, my child was not missing.



It had been about 4 hours and we were driving around trying to find my child. My oldest daughter was driving and I told her to just follow where she felt the Lord leading her. So my oldest daughter drove us through an unfamiliar neighborhood and we ended up on the worst known road for crime in that town. As soon as we turned on this road, we spotted the familiar walk of my beloved child! She was walking in an area that I would have never considered to look. There was just no way that the Lord did not lead us to find her. It was a miracle…an absolute miracle. Not only was my delicate daughter safe and unharmed, but the Lord had sheltered her from being abducted twice during her time of being out in the world.



What I learned from this experience, is that even in the face of my worst fear, the Lord was exceedingly good. He turned around a situation that could have been completely terrible into being an encounter with experiencing the all-knowing presence of God. It fills my heart with gratitude and many tears to realize personally the intentional love of God. His detail in knowing each one of us is beyond anything I have ever known. He is wonderful! Even though there are bad things that can happen and do happen, if we look closely, there is always an encounter with His love in the midst of it all.



I hope and pray that this little testimony has blessed you today to fathom the truly intentional love and protection of our Heavenly Father. He knows everything that matters to your heart and if you will trust Him with everything, you will see Him manifest love in everything, one way or another.


Love and blessings,


Dannette Lynn



You observe my wanderings and my sleeping, my waking and my dreaming, and You know everything I do in more detail than even I know. Psalm 139:3 The Voice




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