The Start of a Promise

I was a single mom, living under the roof of my own mother after the Lord had brought us there for a time of protection and healing. During that time, I entertained the Holy Spirit every day as He built my heart on the foundation of His promises. It was a firm foundation and the Lord showed me that He wanted to use my simple little blog as an income to take care of my family. Together, we wrote love letters and even books. Little did I know that this time was preparing me for the biggest and most crazy faith adventure I had ever known.

It came to a time when my faith required action and my vows to trust Jesus needed to be tested. The Lord asked me to leave the safe comforts of my mother’s home and to take a trust fall that would change everything. He promised me that He would fill my bank account with His Love money and that He would be my support, through the hands of His own beloved children.

After so many nights of battling heart-crushing fear and worry, I booked a hotel room for me and my precious children for 5 nights. We were in a state, where we didn’t have any friends or connections. The city that the Holy Spirit led us to travel to, was void of anything familiar. I had not one person that I could call on and the fear of being homeless or hurting my children was a thick dread that haunted me every minute.

During the uprising emotions of panic, the Lord made a personal promise to me. He promised me that we would not be homeless and that meant, we would never even set foot in a homeless shelter or be out on the street. At that point, I didn’t know if I could really trust Jesus to catch me. The only way I that I could discover if I could trust Jesus to catch me, was to take the risk and jump…

I had spent all the money I had in the world on those 5 nights at a hotel. 5 nights turned into over a year of miraculous provision. I had no income, only my humble little blog that accepted the kindness of donations. Just as the Lord promised, He used the donations of loving hearted people to be a supportive bridge to hold us up over the troubled waters.
Here we are, still in this place, of living day by day in a hotel. At least until the Lord opens the next door where we will trustfully obey. However, ever since I started to share on Facebook about our ‘faith living’ testimonies, we suffered a horrible attack financially and the donations started to run low. There were moments, like today, where I wept on the floor of the hotel, pouring my desperation out to the Lord.

But last night the Lord showed me that He was going to use my faith life testimonies to spread all over the world. He also instructed me to publically request prayer for a “desperate need”, because there was an attack against our testimony and support. The testimonies will be elevated for His glory to show others that He is a God who can be personally trusted as a daily Savior. With this new information that the Lord has exposed to me, I am planning to spread our testimonies of miracle living, on the blog as well as Facebook.

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Jesus knows every giver and He will surely repay your heartfelt action. Together we stand, united in Christ.
Much love,
Dannette Lynn, Diamonds from the Dust