Now is the Time

A love letter from Father God. 



“Seeds of Promise have been growing that were planted in the full sun. Like a Morning Glory with heart-shaped leaves growing up the Vine faithfully from the support that was provided. There was never a need to strive for My gift, as a seed carries the living plant inside of it. Many promises I have given to you, like a Dandelion full of tiny ray flowers blooming off of a single stem. The adversity that you have suffered was used to hasten My word, like the wispy seeds of a Dandelion blowing in the wind.



The grass withers and the wildflowers fade, but My Word stands firm and forever. I have told you this before it all happens so that when it does happen, you will believe. I made the moon to mark the seasons and the sun that knows when to set. You just need to trust. Follow Me into the plan I have made for you. Trust Me with all of your heart and don’t shy away when the wind blows and the rain descends. Let Me do My job as your Father to protect and provide for you. Believe that the One who made you a promise will do what He said.




My eye is upon you… I am watching over you. You will be radiant with joy and your face will not be ashamed. I will actively save you and shelter you from all of your fears. A poor man cries, and I hear him, and rescue him out of all his troubles. I am your refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble. Give all your worries and cares to Me, because I care about you. Don’t let worry steal your rest. Don’t stress, I will give you all that you need.




Just breathe



Before there is a word on your tongue, still unuttered, I know it altogether. My infinite knowledge is too wonderful, I know all there is to know about you. I am a Father of details. You could never outrun My Spirit or flee from My presence. No matter where you wander, My hand will lead you and protect you. Before you call, I know your needs. Just relax and rest. I give you the grace to go through difficulties. Do not be afraid — I am with you! I will protect you and save you. Those who are angry with you will know the shame of defeat. Those who fight against you will disappear. Don’t yield to fear or be troubled in your heart—instead, be courageous!




Trust in who I am for you! I have gone into your future to prepare the way with My hand of love upon your life. Believe in what you pray for. Leave behind the former disappointment and broken hopes of yesturday. Be refreshed! This is a new day. I am doing new things in your life. I know the future and My plans for you are good and full of hope. I will keep My promises and do just as I spoke. I am the Lord your God, who teaches you to prosper and leads you in the way that you should go. I will stay close to you, instructing and guiding you along the plan for your life. I am for you and I am with you to make a success out of everything that you do.



You will extend your boundaries on all sides and recover all that you have lost. From now on you will encounter the peace of freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions. You are completely filled with My fullness overflowing as a river within. I am the Head of every kingdom and authority in the universe! I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Inhale My peace and quiet rest and receive freedom from fear and worry.



I have drawn your heart to Me like a woman who was grieved in spirit and heartsore–when you were refused and scorned. I brought you from the ends of the earth and called you from its farthest corners. You are Mine. I did not reject you but I chose you. My love and kindness will not depart from you, nor shall My covenant of peace and completeness be removed. I will always have compassion for you.



Live today in complete trust. I am for you and not against you. If you take the wings of the morning or dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, I am all around you, so much closer than you think. I am present in all places at all times. All knowing and all powerful. Believe that your prayers are already answered. There will be double rewards for the troubles you have faced. Because you suffered double, your blessings will be multiplied and your joy overflowing. I have declared things to come to you before they come to pass. You have heard these things foretold, now you see the fulfillment. Now is the time.” 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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