Cinderella Soak


The Cinderella Soak is a soul soaking session that has been hand tailored to fit those with a Cinderella type story, of beauty for ashes. Basking in this session is like filling the soul with the light of promises. It is sure to bring an instant boost in faith, hope, and love.


The Cinderella Soak includes 7 Cinderella inspired love letters spoken over relaxing music. The love letters include:

    1. Oh Cinderella

    2. Saving Cinderella

    3. Rising from the Cinders

    4. Finding Hope in the Dark

    5. The Hour of Your New

    6. Cinderella Don’t Look Back

    7. The Glass Blower


Duration: 28 minutes long.


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Background music by Royalty Free Music. Licensed under creative commons attribution 3.0 (reuse allowed).


Soaking in Promise with Dannette Garza, Diamonds from the Dust, LLC. © 2018. All rights reserved.




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