From Dread to Expectation

A love letter from Jesus. 




“Relax your mind. The winds of refreshing are here, filling your heart with a new song to revive your spirit. From exhaustively falling over the mountains of difficulty in the cold and rain. From the weariness of climbing steep cliffs that descend into the deep wooded valleys. You will no longer feel like you are running against the wind. I am here to refresh you with My energizing love! Have peace, loveliest of friends, I am here!



Until the darkness disappears and the dawn has fully come, in spite of shadows and fears, lean in close as I serenade you with the most beautiful of songs. I am restoring your strength with My eyes that shine with love. I have looked through the window of your soul and have gazed through the lattice. Hear My voice as I come running over the mountains, and racing across the hills. We will run away from these worries and be happy together. I will be your Shelter. I am comforting you with the encouragement of hope, speaking kindly to your heart.  



So now, do not be afraid; I will provide for you and support you and your little ones. If you trust someone to do something, you believe that they will do it. Hope and expect that it is true. Believe fully in Me and do not doubt My good intentions. Don’t worry about anything but pray about everything and tell Me your needs. To worry or dread is to keep thinking about problems that you have or about unpleasant things that might happen.



Leave the thoughts of dread behind and come with Me to manifest your expectations. Your expectations are your strong hopes that you deeply desire will happen. Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts. Fill your mind with a good outcome and not the thoughts of bad things that might come. Consider things to praise, not things to curse. Think from your blessings.



Do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded and you will hold all that I have promised. Have confidence that you can trust Me with all that weighs heavy on your heart. Move the weight of the burdens you carry into My arms. I will relieve your pressure and lessen the afflictions of your mind. Let not your heart be troubled, for you will not be disappointed.



I will create the praise of your lips and materialize your healing to blossom anew with thankfulness. I will revive your humble spirit and help when your heart feels overcome with sorrow. Enter My gates with a song of thanksgiving and My courts with praise. Be thankful always, bless and praise My name. I am good. My mercy and loving-kindness are everlasting, My faithfulness endures all times. You can trust Me to be reliable and true My word. I will always be your very best friend.


Sing a new song, from dread to expectation. Use your faith to push the mountains of trouble into the sea. Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours. Having faith will bring your hopes into reality. In the place where heaven meets the mountains, it will be done according to your faith. Dwell before Me with overflowing gratitude. Refuse to be anxious or troubled with cares. Tell Me every care and worry. My peace, which is far beyond understanding, will steady your heart and mind. Trust in My help to meet your needs and you will find your strength renewed. You will run and not get weary; you will walk and not grow weak” 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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