A Place to Call Home

A love letter from the Father.



“I am a place to call Home, a recliner to lay your head. Here with Me you can be yourself and fully relaxed. This is a place where there are no worries and the sleep is bliss. I am an assured safety as your personal comfort and shelter from the threatening weather.



You never know what events I will use to lead you Home, to the place of quiet and perfect trust. Have no fear of the conditions outside. I am taking care of everything. Each and every detail has been covered. When the storm waves are crashing in, I am the Serenity for your soul. Sink deep into the love of My promise. There is no fear in love. Don’t struggle to figure out how, just rest in knowing that I am Sovereign over all.


There is no doubt when the heart fully trusts. I see whether you are working or resting; I know your heart actions. Blessed are the gentle and trusting, who do not clutch or strive for what I have given in My words. Heaven will manifest on Earth as you rest completely into your Promise.



Don’t worry My child! Let go of the struggle in your head. I am all around you on every side; I have protected you with My power. Where can you go from My Spirit? Or where can you flee My presence? Even before you speak, I already know what you will say. I am always here.



If you take the wings of the dawn, or dwell in the remotest part of the sea, even there My hand will lead you, and My right hand will hold you together. I will command the sea to dry up and make the rivers go dry. I am Good; protecting you in times of trouble. I take care of those who turn to Me and seek Me as a Refuge. I am a Shelter to the one who leans his heart into Mine.



On the authority of My word, fully turn your heart to Me. I will answer quickly and deliver you from your fears. Come on Home, My dear, to the place of thorough rest. You will never be reddened with shame or confusion, but your face will shine with joyful radiance.


Ease your mind into My care. No more striving or panic but be fully confident in My rescue, with absolute trust. It will be for you exactly as I have said. You will taste and see that I am Good! Even the darkest night will be as the brightest day. How blessed, prosperous, and favored will your situation turn out as you take refuge in Me as a place to call Home”.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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