Rise Above

A love letter from Jesus. 


“I have given you promises in your dreams, secret treasures of faith. Faith is the evidence of things not seen and the conviction of their reality. Rest in My power to sustain and keep you up with inherent trust and enduring confidence. Use your faith to flap your wings as you fly above every boundary of circumstance. It is an extraordinary sight to see that which has been called impossible by doubt to lift up and rise above. Travel through the air, being airborne and free as a bird. High above where feet have walked and beyond all present limitations. Move above the circumstances that dare to challenge your faith. 



Start from the victory, believing the Promise is more real than what you can presently see. Live from your promise and not to it, as if it were already done. Entering first through the mind, begin to declare it as presently real. Place your confidence in what I have spoken and you will soar up to a high place. Be enthusiastic to believe for what is good. I will meet you at your prayers as the gust of wind that lifts you above. My ears are attentive and eager to answer your prayers. I can do anything–far more than you could ever imagine or request in your wildest dreams!



 Those who hope in the Lord will explode with strength, with energizing stamina. Spread out your wings to believe and explore the extravagant dimensions of My love. Reach out and experience the breadth! Rise to the heights! Leave the ground and fly, as you take mental ownership of My promises. The wind beneath you is taking you higher and higher than you have ever dreamed. Nothing is impossible. There are no limits. I  will make this happen, for He who calls you is Faithful”. 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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