A personal note

A personal note from Diamonds from the Dust. 



Greetings from Diamonds from the Dust! This blog was first started when the Lord began sharing His love letters with me. I have had many highs and lows, but through every corner, the love of the Father has been revealed in new ways. Every loss has been an opportunity to see the beauty of the Lord’s restoration. By following the obedience to the Holy Spirit, I have written an internship manual on how to create love letters from the Lord, titled “Ready to Release the Rain”. This may even become an actual virtual school down the road.


Another wonderful tool that Diamonds from the Dust has available is soaking audio recordings. These are a great way to soak your ear gates in the spirit of the word. Plus we have a “Heart Confessions” book that is a compilation of my most loved love letters to be used again and again! There are many more amazing things soon to be birthed through this ministry, including more books and hands-on healing activations. There is one book emerging soon that will shake the nations with a never before found discovery that the Holy Spirit has given me about spiritual weight loss. 


As many of you know, I have been on a ‘faith walk’ to live out my faith and follow Jesus into the new and unfamiliar places. I have had to follow obedience to the Lord in my walk, regardless of persecution that came, even from my own closest family. The pressure has been creating within me, a diamond indeed! But I believe in the promises of God and I believe in His miracle touch. For such a long time our family has been provided for miraculously. There have been many times where our desperate situations were kept quiet, as a quiet trust was built upon the Lord and His faithfulness to care for us.


As of lately, the Lord has been connecting this ministry to people through His love to help us stay afloat and support. This has been very humbling and encouraging as well to see God move through the hearts of people.


With tears and humility, I am asking for your help to get us over this final push forward into the new that is being birthed. We are in a place of great need now and we are asking for your help to continue to do what the Lord has called us to do. If you are inspired to send a love donation, our Paypal link is https://www.paypal.me/DiamondsFromtheDust


Thank you so much your heart to help. I am confident that the glory of the Lord will be exposed through this ministry in ways that my heart cannot even fathom yet.


With overwhelming love and gratitude,


Dannette Lynn, Diamonds from the Dust LLC


[email protected]