A love letter from Jesus.

“Stand in My love and know that what I have promised is what will be. There is no need to worry that you won’t receive. Say goodbye to the unbelief that hinders you from receiving My promises and slows you down. You are loved and favored at all times. The biggest blessings come easy when you know that I love you. Believe for big, enlarge your hopes and lean into My love. Blessings will hunt you down and overtake you, exceedingly, abundantly above all that you can ask or think.

Trust Me to carry your worries and rest in every promise I have given. The grass withers and the wildflowers fade, but My Word stands firm and forever. Savor the sweetness of faith, and live without a worry. Love always keeps you safe. Trust Me and I will give you the blessing of abundant living. I have regarded you favorably. You are always wrapped up in My love. You love because I first loved you.

The cross has made you perfect, I wear you on My heart. Believe that you are My beloved and no good thing will be withheld. The righteous shall live by faith. Believe and accept My promises as true, genuine, or real. Accept My word as the evidence of what you are excited for. Faith brings your hopes into reality and becomes the instrument needed to acquire what you long for. Hope is the compass, pointing you in the direction that you are wanting to go. I will be the voice behind you, guiding you along.

What you believe changes everything. Believe that I will do what I said as the unseen manifests. Embrace your inner miracle power to receive all of My promises as you rest in the authority of My word. The pillars of the earth are Mine and I have set the world upon them. It is your faith that has transferred My righteousness into your hands. Rejoice in your hope and enjoy My continuous stream of favor. Let your hope be refilled and rest in the manifestation of seeing what you are hoping for.

Your present hope will not fade away, but you will experience fulfillment as My love floods every area of your life. Because you have chosen to wait for Me, I will make your life brilliantly beautiful. You will rise up from the ashes with fresh strength and renewed power. Rest in what I promised you, without a doubt or worry. What I have promised you is a gift filled with My love. Believe and receive from your place in My heart as My dearly beloved”.

Written by Dannette Lynn
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