In Hope there is Power

A love letter from the Father. 



You have waited for the moment of birth, looking expectantly with hope for the appointed day of promise to come. It has seemed like an endless time of waiting and longing. So far it has been full of disappointment, as the time seemed to be so close and then another day of waiting came. Even in a hopeless situation, you are still hoping and waiting. In the midst of your current suffering and disappointment, your hope will not cause shame. I have foretold My promise to you and I will bring the delivery.


I have not forgotten you or the many prayers that you have cried. When your heart is troubled, wait for Me to turn things around. I will pick you up from out of the dirt and set you in a place of honor. Look with expectation for My light of promise to shine out. I will build up your confidence and gather you to My heart from the places where you were cast out. I lift up the humble and bring the wicked down low to the ground. I take pleasure in those whose hearts worship Me and in those who hope in My mercy.


You will be satisfied with your necessities and hearts desires with goodness so that your youth is renewed and restored to soar like eagles wings. Every day I load you up with My benefits. I count the stars in number and call them each by name. I will give you unexpected treasures from the dark and lonely places that you have traveled. I will open up for you hidden riches from places that you did not expect. I am beautifying you with esteemed dignity and a crown of loving-kindness and tender mercy. 

You never have to live in fear or dread about what is coming next. I will step in to keep you from trouble and redirect you from going the wrong way. Let your heart be secure and firm in knowing that I am good. I am involved in every part of your day. Steady and strong I have carried you so that you will not be afraid. There is nothing that can stand in your way. I have fine tuned you to My favor, to lead you to your promise. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake. I am always with you working every turn to good. This is the day that I have created, where nothing can go wrong. My kindness is a gentle wind guiding you along the river of My plans.


Trust Me and don’t give up or be impatient in the waiting. Keep your hopes up, I will not let you down. Relax all anxiety under the light of My face. I will make everything come out right, don’t worry about a thing. Even in the latest hour, there is still time for a miracle. Be brave and courageous and never lose hope. Wait for Me hopefully and expectantly. Hope strongly, stretch out your mind towards the promise of your hope with expectation. What could take you a lifetime to achieve, I can do in a sudden moment. In HOPE is power”. 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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