To the Point of Elevation

A love letter from the Father. 


“Let your faith-believing take you up the mountain top where the view is splendid and the air is crisp. Climb high above every limitation to the point of elevation. Rise up above sea level to the place of faith-receiving. Climb up into the space of heart-believing. Before it was even in your heart, I shaped your world in promises. No one knows your heart as well as I do. I sent from above and drew you out of the darkness. I lifted you up from the engulfing waters of the deep. I sent My word and healed you and delivered you from the grave.



Let your faith rise up to trust in the elevation. At the end of the climb, you will see what you have been believing. I will manifest the treasures of your heart. Live as if your faith-promises have already been done. Miraculous change happens first within the spirit. Don’t be afraid, only believe. You have all the power in your voice to shape your dreams. When you speak it moves, as the wind blows the leaves. The tongue is a flame, a flair for help at sea.



Look at your promises above and not the natural oppositions. Speak in faith, without hesitation or doubt. Align your thoughts with your words and believe when you speak it out. No longer speak ‘I will’ or ‘I will be’, but proclaim ‘I am’ and ‘I have’. Speak from your place of ownership, as it has already been given. Shout from the top and let your voice echo down.



 It will be like a whole new world for your eyes to absorb, at the point of elevation. Receive an instantaneous healing as you stand beneath the streams of My quenching Love. Drink, beloved, until you are full…and then drink some more. My endless provision will never run out. In a flash, everything will change. Welcome to the point of elevation, the place of your faith-receiving. As you have believed, you will see it”. 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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