I Am Your Source


A love letter from Jesus. 



“ I am a Vine which climbs by tendrils to carry all that you need for survival. I am the Vine and you are a connected branch. You are joined with Me and I with you. As you rest in Me, the power of My word flows as a living stream within. Everything I am and everything I have is concentrated in and through you. I am your Source and Support. Keep your eyes on Me and ignore every distraction. I am the Source, the One who provides all that you need. I know every detail of your life. Instead of worrying, pray. Let your petitions and praises shape your worries into prayer. Tell Me every concern in your heart. Believe that I have given you the answer to your prayers. 



Thank Me in advance.



Don’t fret or have anxiety about anything. To have anxiety is to worry or fear about what might happen. As you release your prayers to Me, you will sense My wholeness and peace as you trust that everything is coming together for good. I will calm your nerves and settle your mind, as I displace every worry from the center of your life, with My peace beyond all understanding. Keep guard over your thoughts and put away all negative thinking. Let your eyes look with fixed purpose on the words that I am speaking. I am the Vine that holds you up. I am your life-giving nourishment and support. I am carrying you, don’t worry. Trust Me to be your saving relief. Don’t try to control but let My blessings flow naturally.



Just be held.



Don’t pull away from Me by fear or doubt. I have told you about My plans in advance as your trustworthy friend. Look neither right nor left, and leave evil in the dust. Abide and remain in what I have spoken. Let your mind stay in the same place and continue to be unchanged as you look above the wind and the waves. I am your unmovable support. Trust Me as your Source without wavering from a place of undivided rest. Receive effortlessly as you rest in your Oneness in Me. Ask whatever you desire and it will be done”.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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