Trust the Journey

A love letter from the Lord. 


A baby sea turtle takes a long and dangerous journey toward his ocean home. He follows the light of the moon that glimmers on the water through the unfamiliar wilderness of risk. He has an inner magnetic compass that pulls him into the necessary direction.


Although he is small and helpless, yet he is very valuable and precious. In the same manner, you are very valuable to Me and I am leading you in the safety of My plan. As you travel ahead in your journey, set your eyes towards your promised horizon. I will guide you and lead you in every decision that you make. Listen for My voice always, I am the One who will keep you and lead the way.


 My intentions for you are the very best. You never have to fear or worry about where I will lead you. My plans for your life are better than your own. The only way to know that you can trust Me in everything is to let go of every fear and trust. Where I take you, I will always provide. Seek Me in every direction and I will direct your steps. Stand in My Shadow and be overshadowed by My closeness.


The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night. Come under My shadow of trust and drink from My endless supply. My ways are not your ways. It may not make sense the path that I lead and you may not understand. Trust is intentional, you must choose to lay yourself down in My hands.



You will not be disappointed in the journey of My plan. Draw close when we move through the heat. I am your Keeper, the Shade at your right hand. There is rest in My plan. I will always take care of you. As you follow My leading, you will be blessed and fully supported and held by My love.


Because you have laid down your life in secret and yielded to Me in absolute trust, I will honor you in the presence of men and place you in the heights of the great. The One who watches over you never slumbers or sleeps. I am your place of quiet retreat, where I speak My promises to renew you and make your sleep sweet.


I am Strength for the poor and the needy in distress. Rest in the shadow of My wings and I will be your Refuge. Keep trusting in My words of Hope, I am forever faithful to every promise. Give Me all of your worries, because I care about you. Cast upon Me the entirety of them.


Trust Me with all of your heart and don’t lean your weight on your own opinions. Have confidence in My loyalty and lay the heaviness of every burden upon Me. It will be health for your nerves and healing to your bones. I will personally and powerfully restore you and make you stronger than ever. What you have lost along the path, I will return as a double portion.


Trust in the journey and relax into My timing. There is no need to hurry but rest in knowing that I am taking care of everything. Don’t worry about what other people may think, I will be your loving defense. I love to reveal Myself to you as I smile over you. I will guard and guide you and never allow you to stumble and fall.


I am taking you into your personal promises that you have longed to see. No longer will you be homesick to see the manifestation of My word, but you will explore and discover the newness of your life, as a sea turtle who discovers the freedom of the ocean. My love is shaping your life, exactly as I have promised. 



Written by Dannette Lynn