Growing Small and Praying Tall

A love letter from Heavenly Father. 


“Let every worry be placed in My care. Let them all go and don’t take them back. Trust begins with an open and honest heart. I have shown you what will be coming so that you could rest in the fact that I am fully present, aware and mindful of every detail of your life. I know you. I am not distant but closely walking with you in every moment.


Be sure of what you hope for and confident in what you cannot see yet. Have faith in Me to work out every problem, it will be just as you hope. Don’t worry, I know all of your needs. Before you even called My name, an answer was already given. Let joy and peace fill your heart as you rest believing that your prayer has been granted. I attentively care and watch over every detail of your life, I will never forsake you.


Ask what you need and it will be done. Joy is replacing the space of worry and sorrow. Dance in the freedom of being worry free to the song of My intentional love. Trust me in the wait, there will be no regrets. I will liberally supply and fill with fullness your every need. I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you.


 This will not come by your own strength. I am the One who supports you and keeps you from falling. I’ve never failed and I won’t start now. Draw from your faith account. Faith makes all things possible. Insert your key of faith and leave your worries behind. With the simple trust of surrender, come to Me as a little child”




Written by Dannette Lynn