Blue Diamond Ocean Eyes

A love letter from Jesus.



Let Me sweep you away for an intimate retreat. As a time of beauty treatments, I will drape you in the finest luxuries, like the oil of myrrh, sweet spices, and the things for soul purification. It is a spa-like beauty treatment, where you will be bathed with the flowers of My promises, like a plumeria flower that matures into richness. The sheerness of your beauty makes for a sensational bloom and the freshly fallen petals floating in a bath fills the room with the warmth of relaxation.


With ocean eyes of purity through the beautification of your soul, you are exquisite.Your loveliness will be enhanced as I dress you in My promises, hidden in the deep like the blue diamond. Blue diamonds are a rarity among diamonds, forming at exceptional depths and tinted blue by the ancient oceans. They are as deep as diamonds can get and are colored in a pure ocean blue. I will deck you in the tangible beauty of My promises like a blue diamond of the deep to emerge to the surface through a sudden release of pressure from…a breathlessly beautiful soul.



I will hold you close and ease the burdens off, like a deep tissue massage. You must be relaxed to experience relief from the deepest tensions. There may be moments of being uncomfortable, as the deep pain is pressed out. The massaging movement is slower and the pressure is deeper on the areas of tension and pain for a smooth release. Let go of every worry and trust Me completely. Leave everything in My hands. It will work out just as you hope. Receive the soul purification through hope, as I pull out unbelieving fear and doubt.


My word reaches the deepest parts of your being and holds all things together. Fully rest in every promise, no longer striving to receive. As you believe, your faith activates the promise and you experience peace from a confident rest. Relax in a place of faith-rest. Cleave to, trust, and rely on Me to be faithful to My word. Your rest enters you into the fulfillment of your promises.



In the places where you have been afflicted and storm-tossed, I will speak comfort over you. I am taking up your griefs and fears. I will make the windows of your soul in the clearness of agates and decorate your life with the finest jewels. From the deepest intimacy in My heart, you have ocean eyes of purity that permeate My truest beauty out. As the deep anxieties are pressed out, the blue diamonds of My promises to you will suddenly emerge from out of the greatest depths. It will be openly evident to all that you are one who has traveled into the deepest places of knowing My heart.


Written by Dannette Lynn