Negative Turn Around

A love letter from Jesus.


“As a ship away from the safe comforts of the shore. Stretch your faith beyond the horizon of the sea to discover the treasures of the uncharted. I am teaching you how to maneuver through the sea, by turning every fear into a faith-filled decree. Move by faith and not by sight. Stand fearless and courageous in the unknown of the sea. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. The rushing rivers will not go over you. When you call Me and pray, I will listen. I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed.


Every negative in your life will be turned into a positive. You never need to be afraid because fear is only an illusion. Fear is not a true reality. What you fear may appear to be real but it is not what it is. Fear is not from Me, but it is based on unbelief. Since I am for you, what can be against you? Have a confident expectation to receive the opposite of fear. I have crossed the river ahead of you to destroy the obstructions in your path. Take courage. Don’t give the plans of darkness a second thought because I am moving ahead of you to show you the true path. 


I am holding every detail of your life together in My hand. I will reveal to you the deep things of darkness and bring dark shadows into the light. Every enemy plan that I show you is a chance to pray and turn bad plans into good. Never make a deal with fear, nor agree with an ill plan of fate. Follow the leading of My peace, as you seek the joy of My face. Turn every negative into a positive decree. You’ll decide what you want and it will happen as you stretch out your faith. Go far and deep to believe as you launch out into your dreams.


 Be led by faith and not by fear, being anxious for nothing, because I am in control. Calm and quiet your soul. There will always be peace when I reveal the truth of My plans. I give you comfort from every problem and shelter from every fear. I am your Safe Harbor, the deep and safe water close to the land. I have plans to give you what you hope for. Hope is your restful abode. What you desire will be granted, because of your faith, it will happen”.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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