Butterfly Effect Prayer


A love letter from the Father.


This one thing will cause a butterfly effect of transformation and change. From the smallest burdens to the larger ones, every problem will start.to change. You will be lifted up with joy and your soul flooded with peace, knowing that your prayers have been answered.


Pour out your prayers to Me and then rest in the outcome.



Before you ask, I know every need. I am always moving before you, getting things ready. You can rest as you let Me do the work. Don’t let burdens get you down. Cast the full weight of your burden upon Me, giving up every fear and doubt. To doubt is to be uncertain and unconfident.


Have confidence in My faithfulness to hold you up. Pour out your worries into My hands. To worry is to think about problems, to fear that something bad could happen. I have redeemed your life in peace, giving you freedom from fear.

Anchor your hopes into who I am for you, to hope is to confidently expect. Be joyful with full confidence in Me. To have confidence is to be certain that your request will happen and to believe that I am able to perform your request.


There are no limitations, anything is possible if you rely on Me. Come to Me with childlike trust. Pray from a place of knowing that you are My favored child. A child fully trusts and believes that anything can be done.


A child is carefree, full of imagination at the possibilities with wonder. He is not uptight or stressed out but joyful that every need is handled. A child is always hopeful that the best will happen.

You can rest in the security that I have given to you. My eyes are always on your ways, I will sustain you and never allow you to be moved. I am the LORD, the God of all mankind.


Is anything too hard for Me? I am whatever you need Me to be in every situation. Open up your heart before Me in honesty.


Pour out every fearful worry, releasing the full weight of every problem. Anxiety in the heart of a man weighs him down. Be free from the weight of the burden and have the peace of knowing your request has been granted.


Let your countenance no longer be sad, but allow hope to burst forth within you, releasing a continual joy. Don’t give up in a time of trouble, but commune with My presence at all times. Be free from the weight of the problem, break the agreement with thoughts of doubt or worry.


As you release the weight of the burden to Me, it will cause a butterfly effect, changing one thing and then the next. As you let go of the heavy burden, the wind will begin to blow, causing ripples in the water. A weight lifted will cause you to fly in a butterfly transformation of peace and beauty. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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