Lighthouse in the Dark

A love letter from Jesus. 


“Trust Me with ALL of your heart. All is complete, entirely, and withholding nothing. Trust Me to lead you blindfolded, when it’s dark and you cannot see. Trust Me when you don’t understand the hidden path through the fog and mist. Trust Me when I move in ways that you didn’t expect. Loving you is an intimate action to provide and protect. I see your every movement and I understand your thought afar off. I am always Faithful, even when you are not. 


I am a Lighthouse to protect and guide you to your promised destination. I am a beacon of loving-kindness to care for the ships at sea. I am Stable, depending on My own weight. Lean into My stability as I support yours too. I will re-route you away from dangerous hazards and reveal what is hiding in the darkness. I will absorb the shock of the waves to put your mind at ease.


I am not only the Author of your love story but I am also your best friend. Hold onto My loyal love and don’t let go, let My faithful words be stitched upon your heart. I have given you favor with God and man. Things are about to suddenly break, the words you have treasured are rising up to take hold of every trouble that you face. Hold onto to your confession of faith, because I am faithful to every promise. From the place of past pain will come great power.


Leave the shores of safety to where I lead you, as love always trusts. Trust in My kindness. I am good, never willing to disappoint you. You may feel the rise and fall of the waves, but the deep water will not overtake you. Expect for good outcomes and not bad. Dwell on the best and not the worst. Soak in the beautiful and not the ugly. Don’t fret or have anxiety about anything, but in every moment cast your worries to Me in total trust. Then My tranquil peace will safeguard your mind and heart.  


Don’t worry or be frightened of a sudden change. Don’t be afraid of not being in control. Let Me lead you through the storms of the sea. I will closely usher you through the uncomfortable places of the unknown. I am setting you free from every anxious fear to see that I am Good. Genuine trust must always be tested. Rest in where I lead you. I am moving mountains and making miracles for you. The protection and comfort of My love is a banner over you. Depend on who I am for you, be certain and without a doubt. No longer be afraid of the dark, because you are one who is near to My heart. My fearless bride, I am forevermore your Lighthouse in the dark”.





Written by Dannette Lynn

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