Restoring Hope

A love letter from the Father. 


From the disappointment, you went off with a heavy heart. You could not comprehend how it could be so far off. But you didn’t understand My ways or the plans that I have made for you. Don’t worry you are on the right path. I count the stars by number and call them each by name.


As the Maker of the Pleiades and Orion, I will turn the shadow of death into the brightest morning. I am restoring your hope and turning things around. I will heal your disappointments from when things didn’t go as you expected. I am turning the tide to move into your favor. I will make the crooked ways straight and make things right for you. 


Who forms the mountains and creates the wind? I declare to man My thoughts and fulfill his predictions. I make the morning darkness and tread on the heights of the earth. I call for the waters of the sea and pour them out on the face of the earth. I will cause sudden destruction to flash forth on every plot against you. Just as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so have I surrounded you with My presence to forevermore protect you.


I am watching over you, to see to it that My plans of promise are fulfilled. I am always at your side to Shelter you safely in My presence. Every wrong against you will be turned around into good. Every curse will unfold into a double blessing.


I will keep you safe from every evil or calamity. Don’t panic when plans seem to fall apart because I am with you. Trust Me with all of your heart, even when you don’t understand. Everything that looks out of order is coming perfectly into place. My plans to bless you are so much bigger than you are counting on.


Don’t be afraid, I will help you and hold you steady. Return to your place of hope. Put your faith in Me. It is the way of My love to provide for you and protect you. I won’t let you go, there is no far off place where My love cannot keep you. Because you delight in My promises, you are as a tree that is firmly planted and tended by the water streams. You will not fade or wither and everything that you do will prosper.


 Sometimes the way that I take you will not at first make sense. Trust Me with all of your heart, beyond all reason. I have enlarged the path underneath you, so your feet will not slip. Even if you don’t understand now, you will be happy when you see the full effect.


I have a reason for everything and have ordered your steps. I break open a shaft away from people; In places where feet are forgotten. Far away from men; I know every hidden thing. Just as the earth, that produces bread, but underneath it is turned up as by fire. The far away and hidden stones are the sources of sapphires, containing gold dust.


 I am restoring your hope and honoring your expectations. It will be like a dream come true when I turn the tide for you. You will laugh and laugh with overflowing gladness, singing My name with shouts of praise. I will put a new song in your mouth, a song of praise to your God. You will return laughing and as you carry armloads of blessings.


Many will see and hear how I have helped you. Because of your testimony and the faith of your walk, others will put their trust and confidence in Me as Lord, and I will cause your dreams to come true, just as you have dreamed of them.  



Written by Dannette