The Flame



A love letter from Jesus.



“As laying down the wood, that beckons for the Flame to come. A step of obedience that yields a life-changing reward. Like a lonely shepherd passing by, who stops everything to turn aside and gaze into the bright flame that is never consumed. He is dazed by the presence of the Most Holy One, the Flame. As he removes his shoes, he surrenders and steps in closer beyond all fear to see the Flame. Immersed in the blazing love, an endless love that never gives up, the lonely one is captivated in the Flame encounter.


Like the lonely shepherd, come closer to the Flame. Surrender yourself completely and determine this time to go all in. Your heart burns with a fiery passion as you bind your soul to Me. You are transformed, you are complete as you move into the Flame. The blazing love inferno devours and heals away every sorrow, trauma, and pain. The heat burns up the fear that stands in the way from the destiny that is calling your name. It’s a faith, being more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tried by the fire, shall be found to give Me praise and honor. Everything that may abide withstands the Flame. Entrenched by the love of honesty and Holiness, as the cares of the world melt away. No longer yours, you become a vessel of My heart and a conduit of the Flame.


It is here, in the Flame where I awaken your heart to know the unsurpassable depths of My love. It is in the moment when you feel completely alone, that you realize you are not. I am with you…always. It is only Me with you in this place. You no longer feel the heat as you lock your eyes with Me. Take a moment and let your eyes adjust to the light, the Vehement Flame that radiates from the love in My eyes.


You don’t have to fear any longer, you are hidden in My heart. You are hidden under My glory, as the burning of the Flame. My love is all-consuming as the very flashes of fire from My burning heart. I am your Steadfast, your Loyal and Devoted. Build your trust upon Me, as your immovable and firmly fixed Rock. I am the Lord your Peace and I AM Love. Here we sway together as miracles rise up. Many waters cannot quench My love, the Flame never says ‘enough’. My Love is invincible facing danger and death. My Passion laughs at the terrors of hell. The fire of My Love stops at nothing– it sweeps everything before it.


To go deep into love means to go deeper into trust. Can you trust Me when you are unsure of what is on the other side and cannot see what lies ahead? Can you trust me in times of pain or when the fire feels hot? Can you trust Me to take care of all of your needs, as you rest as a Kingdom child? Can you give to Me the pain that left you broken and where your tears were shed? Can you trust Me to touch and heal the depths of despair and wounding?



Leave your burdens at the cross and sing to Me the lamentation of your heart. In even the most sorrowful moment, I am singing to your heart. Like a violin that weeps a ballad of beauty and love. Or as a scarlet red bird that sings a complex poem to the one, He loves. Open your heart, My darling, deeper still to Me. Nothing can compare to this moment here with Me in the Flame”.



Written by Dannette Lynn