I Am Not Far Away

A love letter from Jesus.

“Be still, dear heart. I am not far away, but I am here. I know every word before you speak My dearest darling. I am your Comforter, your Friend, and a Lifesaver for your needs. Trust in My unfailing love, I am always good. Lean into My arms and let Me hold you through this day. I will be the One who is there to dry your tears away. There is no present pain that can compare to what awaits you ahead.

As you draw close and speak, I am ready to move. I have already thought of everything to provide for all you could possibly need. I can do anything–far more than you could ever imagine or request in your wildest dreams! My armor is your shield of protection against the accuser so that you can stand victorious in My explosive power.

How precious and weighty also are My thoughts to you! How vast is the sum of them! My desires for you are more than the grains of sand on every shore! When you awake each morning, I am still with you. My compassions fail not, they are new every morning, as faithful and true. Trust Me to be your rescue, as the Groom who defends your honor. You will not lose this battle, because I am fighting for you.

I will reveal the deep and hidden things, I know what lies in the darkness of the unseen. Listen, My radiant one— if you ever lose sight of Me, just follow My Shepherd voice to where I lead. Come with your burdens and cares. Come to the place of your heart sanctuary and I will meet you there. Pour out your heart before Me. You can trust Me with every detail. If it matters to you, it matters to Me. You don’t have to struggle to find Me. I am always here waiting to talk.

Close the chapter of the old and open your heart to see the new beginning. See, I have made this day for you! I will be your Strength to help you move on. Have faith in your prayers, I am right here listening. Come to Me in faith knowing that I am real and that I will reward your desire to believe. Your heartfelt prayer is very effective, working in tremendous power. If you will believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer”.

Written by Dannette Lynn