Ashes of Beauty

A love letter from Jesus. 



“All beauty has drained, or so it seems as you remember the days that you lost everything. You have cried yourself to sleep many nights, soaking your pillow with tears. I know, My dove, that it seems that I am all you have left. The sacrifice of your life is a delightful incense rising up. Don’t lose hope just yet, from the sacrifice on the altar comes the transforming fire of My love.


My love will completely change your life and restore your beauty to more than ever before. Like the caterpillar to a butterfly, the heat has worked for your good. My loyal love never runs out and My mercies are never-ending. Great is My faithfulness. I prove good to the one who passionately waits and to those who diligently seek. I will satisfy the longing of your soul and fill you with good things.  


I have kept track of all your wandering and your endless hours of weeping. I have stored your many tears in a bottle—not one will be lost or leaking. I recycle everything, turning pain into beauty. I will take every heartache and turn it into a bedazzlement of emeralds and rubies. All of your prayers are recorded in My book of remembrance.


I will perform what I have planned for you, I am mindful of every matter. When you are afraid, lay every fear before Me and trust Me with all of your heart. I know the way that you have taken. I have closely seen every detail. From the furnace of affliction, you are rising out as gold, shining pure and luminous with twice as much as you had before.


Your eyes are like gentle doves behind your veil with undistracted devotion. Your heart is a bouquet of lilies as a sacrifice ready to be offered. From the altar of your sweet surrender, My love flame is rising up. A most vehement flame of love. This is a life-changing love and the restoration of your beauty. The very miracle that you have asked for.


The affliction that you have endured has become the very essence of your core elegance, the ashes of beauty. Every curse has become a double blessing. My dove you are perfection, pure and innocent proved through the flames. Your head is crowned with flowers of honor instead of shame, releasing the aromatic scent of your heart offering. Your faith has proved genuine. My love is spilling out from the pain to turn your ashes into beauty, a beauty like no other. A beauty beyond compare”.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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