A Master of the Night

A love letter from Jesus.



You are a master of the night, soaring by faith and not by sight. Use your promise as your focus to propel yourself in the dark, when the sight and distance to fulfillment are unclear.


Fly above your circumstances as you listen to the Words that I have spoken before. Let the echo of your promises lead the way.


Listen to My voice, not what you see happening to understand your surroundings of where you are and what is about to come. What is of the spirit is what is real. The opposition that you feel will soon fall away.


Close off all other noises and let only My words remain. Be filled with all peace and joy as you fully trust and rest your heart to believe what I have said.


Let the visions that I gave you in the times of revelation light be as your fireflies to shine and beautify the night. I have shown you what is to come to serve as your blueprints in the dark skies.


In the night season, the things I have spoken are much closer than they appear. It is in the dark hours that your manifestation will appear.


From the darkest hours, your Daybreak will come. Out of nowhere, suddenly My light will appear, rising up into fulfillment with healing in My wings of Love.





Written by Dannette Lynn