From Need to Exceed

A love letter from the Father.

“When you have nothing and feel desperate and defeated, I will fill your need with a miracle to exceed. In the place of your emptiness, I will bring your miracle-deliverance where you need it most. The demands of outer pressure that surround you were only allowed for your need to draw a release of My hand. There is hidden wealth within you, like a diamond in the rough. A diamond found in nature is a raw gem. I will use the raw gifts and talents within you to bless and prosper you to a place of exceeding.
Call Me and I will answer. My outstretched arms protect you and fend off all harm. Many are the afflictions of the Righteous, but I deliver out of them all. What you are lacking shall be done. In the place that you are afflicted is where I will outrageously release a blessing. I will open the windows of Heaven for you and pour you out a blessing too big for you to receive it. Pressed down and running over, expect a miracle overflow. Where you are empty, your cup will run over.

I have made a way where the was no way. Nothing can stop what I am about to do for you. I am on your side; do not fear what man can do. I have covered you with My feathers and under My wings is your protective refuge. You never need to fear the evil plots in secret or slanders of the wicked. Though an army may rise against you, remain confident in trusting Me because you will only see My goodness.

I will rescue you from all of your troubles. I am close to all whose hearts are crushed by pain, you will no longer be in want or need. I am filling you with an abundance in the area of your need. Your desperate need is attracting the miracle release. The increase in your need has increased the pressure behind the release. Above all that you ask or even think, I will EXCEED in the very place of your need”

Written by Dannette Lynn

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