Venture to the Deep Side


A love letter from Jesus. 


“Venture to the deep side, use your faith to kick past the fish hooks of fears and lies. Let the authority of your faith rest in the One who made the promise as you tap into My faithful provision. Don’t view the future through the broken glass of the past. There was a reason for everything. This is a new day and a new place. I have ordered your steps, trust Me as the God who sees you. I am on your side. Fears are only shadows at night, casting untrue images of illusions and lies. Don’t eat from the table of fear anymore. Come and indulge your heart in the table of My blessing.


I’m rebuilding out of your ruins to make your inheritance of beauty complete. Instead of shame and dishonor, you are entering a double share of honor. You are possessing a double portion of prosperity instead of the curse of poverty and despair. I am making all things new and restoring every loss. From this day forward we are adding blessings to your life. I have not forgotten your helpless estate, don’t panic because I am never late.


I am your Strong Tower. The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy: I am providing you with an ABUNDANT Life of continuous joy. Follow My leading into the shimmering bounty of the deep. Courage is facing your fears and doing what makes you afraid. Glide into the depths of My perfect love. Love never brings fear, for fear is always related to punishment. My perfect love drives the fear of punishment far from your heart. I am a Good Shepherd, to tenderly lead you and your little ones. You can always count on My kindness. 


Keep your eyes on Me, your hope will not bring you to shame. I will keep you in perfect peace as your mind remains on Me. Don’t be dragged by fear anymore. Let go of your inhibitions and dive deep into My love. Don’t worry about how to survive. I know what your facing and I will provide. I have spread out a banquet before you to enlarge your breathing room. You are just a breath away from touching everything I have promised you. With an unwavering heart, let go of the past disappointments and go all into the depths of My loving provision”.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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