Peace at Sea

I am using the chaos of the storm to show you how to draw up My peace. Anxieties and fears flee when touching My perfect peace. My Peace is a productive power to know that I am the Sovereign One. My very peace is the oxygen for you to breathe in the deep waters. You have always tried to find your peace by controlling your environment. The true peace of My presence comes from within, as you trust Me with all of your heart and not favor your understanding. I always know what is best for you and for those that you love. You can have peace to trust and know that I am orchestrating everything to turn out in your favor. While the winds are whirling around, you will encounter My presence in the eye of the storm. I will be your underground Shelter of Peace in the midst of those things circling around you.


Going into the deepest cavern of My heart means a sacrifice of control as you sink into My power. I have only allowed the high winds to blow for the purpose of cleansing your heart from the fears that have hurt you. Long ago you asked to understand My all-knowing, presence and power. You sought after My heart, longing to believe in the true intentionality of My love. You wanted to believe that in the sea of life, that My heart was always purposely on you. You wanted to trust that if you were falling that I would catch you. I want to show you who I am for you by revealing My arm of rescue. I want to engulf your body and soul in the fullness of My love. I will still the storm to a whisper and quiet the sea waves that rage. Buckle down and cling to Me when the hurricane comes. Nail down your promises and hold them close in your mind. I am bringing you into balance to as you lean into My love. In the very place where control is lost, you will find My perfect peace and a submerging of My Love.


Yours Truly,





Written by Dannette Lynn