Trust Me to be Loyal

A love letter from the King of Kings. 



“There’s no fear in love. You don’t need to worry about what is ahead. I am on your side. You are precious in My eyes and I love you. Therefore I will honor your life. What I have given you no one can take away. You are about to witness My personal goodness in action.


I have taken away your judgments and cast down your enemies. I have scattered those who joined together to plan your downfall. Those who rose against you will see My rebuke, suddenly it will happen. Bless your enemies and do good. I am closer than your breath and loyal to the end. I will not forget My covenant to take care of you.


Rejoice with all of your heart because I have given you the freedom that you seek and opened the door for you to fly away and be at rest. I am the Lord who heals you and leads you to restful waters. I am your safe Shelter. Your life has been redeemed from destruction. I have sent My word and healed you.


Be ready My bride. What I am about to do will happen very fast. One thing will come after another. In every turn you will see the blessings of My hand. You are wrapped in My favor and I have given you favor with God and man. I have sent you treasures and prospered you twice as much as before. Everything is going to turn out to bless you. I will never fail your trust.  


I will raise you up to feast upon My goodness. My banner over you is love. The very ones wanted to harm you will be seated front row to see and know that I am the LORD your God. Touch not My anointed and do My prophets no harm. I will never disappoint you. The escalation of events is your vindication. Trust Me to be loyal”.


Written by Dannette Lynn