Miracles of Resting through the Night

A love letter from the Father 


Hold onto to Me and let everything else go. The nighttime is a time when you must trust Me beyond your own vision. There is no need to fear what you cannot see or control. The night is a time when you must fully depend on Me alone. Rest your head on My Shoulder.


I am a keeper of every promise and faithful to the end. Go deeper in surrender, in the place of the purest trust. I am a Good Father to take care of you and hold you tight. When you’re in over your head, I’ll be there with you. When you’re in rough waters, you will not go down.


Let Me be a pillow to comfort you. Because I am the Lord your God, your personal God. I have always been Sovereign and I always will be. No one can take anything from Me. You will not be put to shame, instead, this will be your greatest hour as of yet. I have protected you in My favor and redeemed your life. I spoke to you and told you what would be before these things ever take place.


Let Me lighten your load. There is extra peace for you here. Don’t fear what is ahead, trust that I am in control. The opposite of what you fear is your portion. The dark shadows of fear are only an illusion. Sometimes things come without a warning or time to prepare. In the place of uncertainty, you will see the revealing of My face looking back at you.


Smile dear heart, things are working out. I am handling all of the details to bring you a turnabout of good favor. Don’t fear losing control, I will take care of you now. Let me carry you and all that you hold dear. I am a very good Dad with good plans for your life. 


Give me your fears and worries. Don’t cry over yesterday, I have so much more in store for you. Trust in what you cannot see, My mighty arms are the safest place to be. Trust Me to carry the precious cargo that you have placed in My hands.


There is an instant reward for self-sacrifice on My altar. Surrender your life entirely to me and watch as I reveal the intentionality of my love. Midnight is only the beginning of the best days of your life. I will cause you to walk on top of the waves. After the storm is the beauty of the rainbow.


So do not throw away your confidence in Me; it will be richly rewarded. Your faith is moving mountains. Rest in My arms as I carry you. You don’t need to figure everything out. I have every detail before My eyes. Sleep through the storm and breathe in My peace as I cover you in the shimmers of My glory dust. Relax as My angels dance like sugarplums before your eyes. As you rest there will be miracles in the night. The morning will harken to My sweetest surprise.




Written by Dannette Lynn