Safe in My Refuge

A love letter from Jesus.



“ I have determined to stand up for you and protect you and there is no one who can push beyond the protection of My arms. I am the source of your salvation to defend you every day. Run into My arms with fearless faith and a courageous heart. Trust Me and be not afraid, I am your Refuge. I have granted you rest under the Shadow of My wings. Those who charge against you will stumble and fall. Those who trust Me are kept secure and safe, but the fear of man is a snare.


I am kind and tenderhearted. My love is flooding you like a river that overflows at the banks as I lift you up with a power-filled promotion. I am making things right to give justice to the defenseless. I went before you to show you My plans so you can rest in My salvation. Come with confidence to My gracious throne to receive a wealth of mercy and find grace in your time of need. Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it. A prayer can change everything, making miracles happen. 


Let your heart not be troubled, have faith in Me. I have rescued you and saved your life. I have crowned you with My love and mercy to satisfy your desires. He who builds a trap for you will fall into it himself. Many are the plans of a man’s heart, but it is My purpose that will prevail. Your hope will end in gladness, while the expectation of the wicked come to nothing. I have laid the beams of the upper room of My abode. I make the clouds a chariot and walk on the wings of the wind. Who is like the Lord? Is anything too hard for Me?


You will soar in the manifestation of every promise, as I restore your youth and crown you with redemptive beauty. Nothing can ever separate you from My endless supply of Love. Nothing above or beneath has the power to hinder Me. You will triumph victoriously as more than a conqueror. Live in confidence of My providing and protective love. There is no power that exists that can stop My purpose and plan for your life. What I have told before is exactly what will happen. Come under My wings for Refuge and bathe yourself in your Kingdom inheritance. I have redeemed you as Mine”.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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