A Harvest is Floating Up

A love letter from Jesus. 



My faithfulness will hold you up, as you are supported by My Word. The manifestation of what I have promised will be like cranberries the grow on a low vine. When the vine is flooded with water, the cranberries float up for the celebrated harvest.


I am the True Vine and you are intimately joined to Me through trust. My words are alive and powerful within you, like cranberries on trailing vines with evergreen leaves and pink flowers fanning out. I am the source of all that you hope for and need.


I am pouring out My rains to satisfy the desolate wastes and cause the tender grass to spring up. Have you entered the springs of the sea or walked in search of the depths?


I am the Fountainhead, the origin of the stream. I will cause what I have spoken to you to rise up like cranberry fruit in the water. What I have promised will float up to fill your hands with a tangible substance, like ripened cranberries ready for a delectable abundance. 






Written by Dannette Lynn