Good News for the Down and Out

A love letter from the Father. 


Nothing is impossible with childlike trust, I am a keeper of My Promises. After all, I am famous for great and unexpected acts, there’s no end to My surprises. I will perform wonders in your life that cannot be fathomed. My miracles cannot be counted. I am lifting you up from your lowliness and personally putting you in a high place of honor. I have seen your heart and your unselfish giving. To give to the least of these is to give directly to Me. Always showing hospitality to strangers, you are aware there are angels in your midst. You are a child after My heart, always seeking Me first.


Everything that I do is marvelously breathtaking. Every single moment I am thinking about you, consider the intentional protection of My love. Splendor and beauty are the marks of My hand, My generosity never runs out. I am lavishing My gifts upon you and filling your new memories with miracles to tell about. So many unexpected surprises are coming. Now it is happening. Don’t count Me out yet! I will turn the stubborn rock that blocks your path into a pool of cool water that overflows with the refreshment of My provision.


The crafty devices set against you will be frustrated and the counsel of their schemes will be brought to nothing. I will save you from neediness with the revealing of My hand. I will make diamonds out of your dust. There is hope for the poor in the time of famine. At destruction and in famine, you will laugh without fear because nothing can ever part you from My providing love.


Wherever you go, My hand will guide you along My perfect path. Even in the darkest night, I am the brightest day. I have gone into your future to prepare an excellent way. My intimate understanding and personal care for you fill your heart with empowering wonder.


I am picking up the poor from the dirt and rescuing those who were tossed out as trash. I am coming to honor the lives of those who are down and out. Those who mock the poor have insulted their Creator. I will seat the poor and the outcast with honor among the brightest and best of seats. I am listening intently to your cries to graciously make things right as I comfort every need. Relax and rest, I am showering you with blessings and saving you from the cause of your tears. 




Written by Dannette Lynn