Pour Out Your Gift

A love letter from the Father. 



I am about to bless you in the presence of your enemies. There is no one who can reverse My command of blessing over your life. Have I ever spoken and failed to act? Have I ever promised and not carried it through? There will be no misfortune in My plan for you. Every curse against you has become a blessing. The comfort of My love is absorbing every fear. You will never be alone because I am always near.



I am your shield, your glory and the lifter of your head. In the sight of those who have mocked and despised you, I have prepared your table of blessing. I anoint your head with oil, your brimming cup overflows. What you see as insignificant about yourself will be a place of greatness and purpose. Just trust in My leading and watch how it grows. Surely only goodness, mercy and My unfailing love will follow you all of your days. My presence is your restful dwelling place.



Don’t be intimidated by your need, but look to My unlimited provision. Allow My joy of you to strengthen your knees to walk in your purpose. I take great delight in who you are and I will quiet your anxieties with My song. I am greater within you than anything that dares to oppose you.


I am setting you up to do something special. What looks impossible, I am making possible because you are empowered by My Spirit. The inspiration that I have given to you is much bigger than you know. I have called you and chosen you, there will be nothing that can stop what I have started. Pour out what you have been given and I will multiply your supply. What you see as only a small thing that you do will be used as a conduit of My power”.


Written by Dannette Lynn