Released From Pressure

A love letter from Jesus to those enduring intense pressure. 


“I am leading you out to a peaceful place where you will have more than enough. The pressure has evoked the manifested fire of My word to pour out, like a volcanic massive burst. Do not fear or be depressed because you will not be put to shame. You will forget the tears as I comfort the present afflictions. You will have a new resting place, apart from the painful pressure. The springs of My love run generously to refresh you from the flame, pouring out from the deepest well of purity from your heart.


I am opening pathways of new pleasure, with childlike trust anything is possible. Are you ready to receive more than what you were expecting? I am enlarging your space of wonder. There is nothing that can revoke when I say ‘Yes’. Let My Sovereign Authority be your strength and rest. This road ends ahead, have peace in knowing that I have it all under control as everything starts happening fast. Give Me your worries, let every anxiety run into My hand as you fully trust in My capabilities. For I am taking hold of your right hand, so fear not because I will help you.


All of your days are before Me, there is no reason to be afraid. I am faithful to do what I have promised. I know everything about you. I am aware of your needs before you speak them. I have leaped into your future to prepare your forward paths. In kindness I follow behind you, to protect you from the dangers of the past. I have searched you and known even the tiniest details of your heart. 


Cruise away from familiarity and encounter My cool trade winds of refreshing. Hope is your confidence, stay loyal to your Chief as you render your heart to your first love. Surrender the entirety of your heart to Me and yield to My leading with total trust.


Let the eyes of your heart be flooded with the intentionality of My love. Now it is happening, the pressure is a sign of the release. One thing after another, there will be multiplied blessings happening speedily. Come away from your former comforts and encounter unseen treasures as you have never known. Explore the tallest sea cliffs of fearless love and recline on the pristine beaches of knowing deeper measures of My heart”. 


Written by Dannette Lynn

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