The Lifting of the Rose

A love letter from Jesus. 


“You are My rose, My living jewel. How a rose is harvested determines the quality of her scent and the beauty of her bloom. Hidden between two thorns, the humility accents your exquisiteness. Through the hardship of longsuffering, your anointing is a most expensive fragrance as the pressure has been crushing the perfume. 


The faith and patience you have endured through the slow release of time have enhanced your feminine uniqueness. Delicate in your beauty, but you are strong like a rose cloaked in promise. Let be and be still and know that I am God. I lift up the poor from the dust and the needy I cause to rise out of the ash heap. I will lift you up as My rose and set you in your Kingdom place of royalty and honor. I will protect you as My faithful bride, as the wicked vanish into the darkness. My ears are not absent from your cries and your suffering is not hidden from My eyes.


Bless your enemies and pray for those who hurt you. You are as a green branch drenched in My spirit, while the dead branches of the godless are dry and barren. While it is yet green in flower and not cut down, it withers without the presence of water. So are the ways of all who forget Me, and the hope of the godless shall perish. For his confidence breaks and the object of his trust is a spiders web. He shall lean upon his house but it shall not stand. He shall hold fast to his idol of trust, but it shall not stay.


He is green before the sun and his shoots spread into his garden. The godless roots are wrapped about a heap of stones and ruins. When he is snatched from his property, his belongings are passed into the hands of othersFrom the dust, I will lift you up to receive an inheritance. Because I love you, I am giving you a double portion.


Always pray and never give up, something will suddenly happen. I am your refuge and strength, mighty and impenetrable against temptation. I am your very present and well-proved help in trouble. Therefore do not fear, though the earth should change and the mountains shake into the sea, you will not be moved. I am with you and on your side. I will refresh your stamina and power as My anointed. The bows of the proud are broken, but from your place of weakness, I have girded you with Dunamis power.


The hungry have ceased to hunger and the barren has borne seven. This is your time to rise and shine. Let your voice no longer be silent. Open wide over your enemies and rejoice in My salvation. Let the proud talk no more and let his arrogance be silent. For the LORD your God is a God of knowledge and by Me, all actions are weighed and balanced.


I bring low and I raise up, there is nobody who can take your place. There is only one rose like you and I love you just the way that you are. Allow your vulnerability to be seen, it’s part of the beauty that you are. Strong like a rose, but delicate as a tender flower, a sheer beauty among the thorns. I am lifting you up from your humble place, as My precious rose whom I dearly love. Before destruction the heart of a man is haughty and humility comes before honor”.




Written by Dannette Lynn

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